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I am a self-taught developer looking to improve my skills by actively contributing to a passionate product team. I am detail-oriented and goal-driven, and I focus on supporting my team with good agile behaviors.


Languages Ruby, HTML, CSS, basic Javascript
Frameworks Rails, JQuery, Foundation
Tools Git (and Github), Confluence, Pivotal Tracker, Clubhouse
DevOps Dokku, Codeship CI, Vagrant, borg,, Apache, Nginx, *Nix server administration (mostly Debian/Ubuntu, some RHEL/CentOS)
Testing TDD, Minitest, (working on RSpec)
Soft skills Agile experience, personable and friendly, curiosity, self-motivated

Projects I work on

Just a sample–the full list is on my projects page
Url Grey A Rails based URL shortener (and good pun). This is the first ‘real’ app I’ve built, and I’m still using it. I learned how to set up Dokku and continuous deployment in the process.
Booker Blue A Rails based application for managing personal libraries. Still in progress, but I’m using this to refine how I work with Rails. Figaro for environment config, and Devise for user stuff, more tbd. The idea is to make the libraries federatable so you can see what friends have, and as to borrow things. It’s got a pretty complex data model, which has led to some solid relationship and database workouts.


I write on my own blog here, as well as contribute to the University of Bath’s Digital team blog

I have done lightning talks on Prototyping with Dokku, Learning by wanting to look cool, HTTPS and Asymmetric Encryption, and using code to cope with depression.



University of Bath

Digital Supporter: September 2016 - present

Providing first-line support to internal and external web users at the University; assisting the development team with agile workflow and smaller Ruby development tasks. Prototyping tools in Rails.

Apple Retail UK

Expert, Bath Southgate: May 2016 - September 2016

Provide training and support to Specialist team in store; drive sales on frontline with both consumer and B2B customers.

Business Specialist, Covent Garden: September 2015 - May 2016

Develop close relationships with new and existing customers; provide in depth advice based on specific technical needs; support customers with MDM rollout preparation.

Specialist, Covent Garden: April 2014 - September 2015

Drive sales in store by building credibility and relationships with customers quickly; making reliable recommendations to people who may be unfamiliar with technology.


Formal education

BA History of Religion, Wesleyan University

Final GPA of ~98%; rough equivalent of UK high Upper Second (conversion source: Fullbright Commission).

Certificate in Creating Theatre and Performance, London International School of Performing Arts (LISPA)

No grading; resulted in presentation of a fully devised piece of physical theatre in the style of black and white comedy cinema.

Self guided and other education

Front-end Web Development, General Assembly

Part time course focusing on HTML 5, CSS 3, and Javascript with JQuery.

CS50, EdX

Harvard’s Introduction to Computer Science course; partially completed to get foundation in modern computer languages. Strong focus on coding in C.

Learn Ruby the Hard Way

0 to Sinatra for learning Ruby. Focus on learning how to learn–using the docs, Stack Overflow, etc.

The Rails Tutorial

Foundation in Rails and MVC model, testing with Minitest, and connecting Rails to databases.

Employability and demographic information

Another white dude with a college degree.
Degree: BA History of Religion, Wesleyan University
Citizenship: Natural-born US citizen, naturalized UK citizen
Languages spoken: English (native language), Spanish (conversational fluency), some Russian
Gender: Male
Ethnicity: White - other (Californian)
Disabilities: None
Legal or criminal judgements, etc: None


Lominger derived
  • Attention to detail
  • Intellectual horsepower
  • Self development
  • Interpersonal savvy
  • Composure
  • Technical learning
  • Organizational agility