Url Grey

My first real Rails project is a URL shortener that I’m actually using. It’s built with Rails 5 and PostgreSQL, and is deployed on Dokku. Deployment is automated via Codeship, and code quality is being monitored by Code Climate and Hakiri. Still in active development and open sourced, so if you like what you see, fork, PR, and deploy away!

Release notes

The Torm

My own homebrewed Dungeons & Dragons world. It draws from both the current and revolutionary American political landscapes, and heavily on steampunk themes and the work of China Mieville.

Play began December 2016 and is ongoing.

Learning Ruby and Rails

I’ve gone beyond these tutorials now (see Url Grey above), but I’m still plugging away with Ruby and Rails!

Using Learn Ruby the Hard Way and the Rails Tutorial, as well as my own curiosity. So far I have made a silly gem that outputs ASCII art of any of a number of ships called the USS Enterprise, and I’m assisting the dev team at the University of Bath with smaller projects and tools.